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About the Book Awards

{ 1979 - 2014 } Celebrating 35 Years


Alpha Sigma Nu established and funded the Book Awards in 1979 to recognize outstanding publishing achievement in the humanities and sciences by faculty and administrators at its 31 member Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and Korea. In 2014, we will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Book Awards.


Each winner receives a $1,000 check and an elegant plaque, which is presented at an AΣN event on the recipient's campus. The winner’s name is on permanent display at the AΣN Central Office, and the books are included in the permanent collection of Marquette University's Raynor Memorial Library. The winners are announced via press release through multiple media outlets, as well as, on the AΣN website.


"The Sciences" - one award each for Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science, and Health Sciences

"Professional Studies" - includes the following disciplines: Architecture, Business and Administration, Communication, Education, Engineering, Foreign Service, Law, Social Work, etc.

"The Humanities" - one award each for Theology, Philosophy/Ethics, Literature/Fine Arts and History

The Book Awards operate on a three-year cycle:

2014 - "The Humanities"

2015 - "The Sciences"

2016 - "Professional Studies"

2017 - "The Humanities"


Any member of the faculty or administration, including those with emeritus status, of the Alpha Sigma Nu member institutions, who has published a book in the categories described above, is welcome to apply. The submitted work must be published in the three-year period ending with the year prior to the award year. For example, entries eligible for the 2014 Book Awards had to have been published between 2011 and 2013.

Entries MUST meet the basic requirements of eligibility. Ineligible works include: text books, magazine articles, unpublished monographs, and works of fiction, paintings, sculptures, and recordings. 


Reviewers selected by Alpha Sigma Nu judge the books on the basis of the following specific criteria: serious and exact scholarship, significance of the topic and its continuing importance to scholars in several disciplines, mastery of extensive literature, research findings handled with skill and assurance, authority in interpretation, objectivity, readability and imagination. Judging is heavily-weighted toward research and scholarship.

For questions or if you are interested in judging or submitting your scholarly work in the Alpha Sigma Nu Book Awards, contact:

Kristina Fisher, Assistant Director of Alpha Sigma Nu

Phone | (414) 288-7542

Email |