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Ryan Bart is spreading service and magic

Ryan Bart is spreading service and magic

Ryan Bart(Gonzaga University `11), along with Magicians Without Borders (MWB), is working to use the art of magic to empower and entertain refugees and orphans living in war torn parts of the world. After spending a few years performing magic for children at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, Bart earned a Fulbright Scholarship and teamed up with MWB to set up a magic group to train children in Bogota, Columbia.He will now make his largest trip yet to Mumbai, India, spending 3 months kickstarting his newest magic-inspired service project with MWB on February 23, 2014.

“Our goal for my three months in India is to deepen our students' passion for learning magic while more fully integrating our program into the community of Mumbai magicians. With the collaboration of Mumbai magicians, our magic students will be able to attend weekly magic classes rather than just a few classes a year,“




Bart’s work empowers children to rise above the chaos in their lives. In Mumbai, he will work with children to integrate magic with a strong understanding of the capabilities and responsibilities they will develop throughout their lives. Thank you, Ryan, for spreading your creativity and service through your work with MWB and exemplifying the pillars of Alpha Sigma Nu. Safe travels in all of your service endeavors!