Los Angeles ΑΣΝ Alumni Club

Our general purpose mirrors that of the national ΑΣΝ organization: to encourage our members’ lifelong commitment to the ΑΣΝ values of scholarship, loyalty and service, as well as to the ideals of Jesuit education. Our particular purpose is to foster those values in a way that meets the needs of ΑΣΝ members living in one of the largest and most diverse metropolitan areas in the country. There are roughly 2,250 ΑΣΝ members in the greater Los Angeles area. The Los Angeles Alumni Club will be your chance to interact with this group, to learn from their experiences, to share your own, to participate in what we hope will be stimulating programs and projects, hopefully have some fun, and through all that come to a better understanding of how to live out our shared ΑΣΝ and Jesuit values in the exciting and challenging part of the world that we call home. The Los Angeles Club has welcomed Jesuits from Loyola Marymount University to speak on these topics:

Rev. William Fulco, S.J., on “How Writing Began”
Rev. Thomas Rausch, S.J. on The Truth about the “DaVinci Code”
Rev. Randy Roche, S.J. on “Ignatian Spirituality in Everyday Life”

Club Officers

President – Patrick Cain (LMU ’78) LA@alphasigmanu.org
Secretary – David Morena (SCU ’66 )
Treasurer – Chake Kouyoumjian (LMU ’95)