Dr. Aaron Van Dyke, PhD

Dr. Aaron Van Dyke, PhD (Seattle University ’03)   

Aaron Van Dyke, PhD, is the chair, faculty-in-residence, and spiritual mentor in Fairfield University’s Ignatian Residential College.  Dr. Van Dyke’s gift is connecting the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola with college students’ journeys to self-awareness.  He shared his identity as a gay man and how the Exercises led him to see himself and others in the likeness of God. His impact on his students is profound.  Prof. Van Dyke not only advances his students’ research, but does so in a way that connects them to Ignatian spirituality, introducing the writings of St. Ignatius and the Jesuit Rev. Anthony de Mello, with lessons relevant to their research trajectory.  Similarly, Prof. Van Dyke uses the Examen to teach chemistry. Guiding the class through the Examen, students are encouraged to study organic chemistry in the context of our lives and apply learning to better the world. Prof. Van Dyke also serves as a mentor in the Ignatian Colleagues Program and is becoming an Ignatian Spiritual Director with Fairfield University’s Murphy Center.