IAJU Webinar -The Challenges of the COVID-19 Era for Jesuit Higher Education

The International Association of Jesuit Universities would like to invite you to "The Challenges of the COVID-19 Era for Jesuit Higher Education" an IAJU global webinar. The panelists will discuss the challenges posed by the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with a special focus on how this crisis has affected the teaching and learning processes in the pursuit on an integral formation. 
This is the inaugural webinar of the "IAJU Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education Project"


Date and time: Wednesday, November 25. Join us at: 22:00h (Manila time, GMT+8), 15:00h (Rome time, GMT+1), and 9:00h (New York time, GMT-5).

The virtual conference will feature a panel followed by a Q&A.
Moderated by Susana Di Trolio, Executive Director of the Kircher Network, and coordinator of the “Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education Project".
The webinar will count with the following panelists:
Michael Garanzini, S.J., Secretary for Higher Education, Society of Jesus.
Philip Geister, S.J., President of the Kircher Network.
Mark Bosco, S.J., Vice-President, Georgetown University.
Stella Porto, Knowledge, Innovation and Communication Division, Interamerican Development Bank
Javier Nó, Dean, Loyola Andalucía University
Sylvia Schmelkes, Vice-President, Iberoamericana University Mexico

Registration: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dlzhkDy4Ts-PGadXnzr3BA  
We encourage you to invite your colleagues, networks or anyone who might be interested in joining the conference.