(Virtual) Thank You Note Campaign

The Thank You Note Campaign is a popular event across our ASN chapters. Even though the pandemic is keeping us from gathering on the quad to write these notes in person, we can still spread gratitude across our campuses with our virtual Thank You Note Campaign. 

Here's what to do:

  1. Think about a university faculty member, administrator, or staff member who has made a positive impact on your life. Maybe it's a professor or counselor, or maybe you appreciate the great cafeteria staff that make you smile when you get your dinner. 
  2. Find the email address for this person (or if people, like cafeteria staff or the custodial team, find a general email address for the group - like the catering vendor or head of custodial services).
  3. Write your email thank you note. Use the sample text (below) or use your own, but be sure to let them know you are participating in ASN's Thank You Note Campaign. Or you can use the full image below as your note (see instructions).
  4. Add in this email header (right-click on the image and save to your computer - then insert the header as an image at the very top of your email)

(Email header)

       5.  Once you have participated by emailing a thank you note, be sure to go to the ASN Challenge page to submit your challenge points for the day. Your participation helps your student chapter advance in the               leaderboard standings.

Sample opening text:

As part of the Alpha Sigma Nu Day celebration this year, I am participating in the honor society's (virtual) Thank You Note Campaign. As I reflected on all the people at [insert your school name], you came to mind as someone who has made a positive impact on my college experience. I want to share my gratitude to you for ___________________. You are one of the reasons that my Jesuit education has been so important to me.


Or use this image as your note by right-clicking and saving the image to your computer. Use the 'insert' function in your email (not the attachment function) to insert the image in the body of your email.