AΣN Week

Creating a Society-wide project with the dual purposes of concretizing the AΣN mission and increasing campus awareness of Alpha Sigma Nu is the challenge delivered to Alpha Sigma Nu Chapter leaders during AΣN Week. Chapters called for a unifying event or way to celebrate Alpha Sigma Nu as a Society, and thus, AΣN Week was born.

Seize this opportunity to be visionary!

  • Seek the guidance, cooperation, and program ideas of university presidents, mission officers, and faculty
  • Look to the campus communities and the larger communities for appropriate projects  
  • Assist Mission office in Ignatian Heritage/Mission Week
  • Include social events with the Jesuit community
  • Invite AΣN alumni or others speak on careers, ethics, and other issues  
  • Plan a retreat for Chapter members
  • Campus service event facilitating Faculty/staff appreciation