Benefits of Membership

AΣN Scholarships

Alpha Sigma Nu supports scholarships for AΣN student members at each of its 32 member institutions. 

Seelos Grants

Student Alpha Sigma Nu members are eligible to apply for the Seelos Grant, a member-funded grant to remove financial barriers for Alpha Sigma Nu's student members to attend Ignatian leadership and social justice conferences.  The Grant currently supports attendance at the Ignatian Justice Summit, National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference, and the Ignatian Family Teach-In.  Learn more.

The AΣN Community

Alpha Sigma Nu members are recognized not only for their academic accomplishments but also for their loyalty to ideals of their Jesuit education and for service to others.  Alpha Sigma Nu challenges men and women to excel in all they do, to lead with integrity, to explore the God dimension in their lives and to reach out to those on the margins of society. Membership is a lifelong affiliation; it is a commitment and an honor, and it creates a special affiliation with Jesuits, with Jesuit apostolic partners, and with Jesuit universities. The society’s members commit to espouse Ignatian values in their personal and professional lives.

Alumni Clubs
Members of Alpha Sigma Nu, including Gamma Pi Epsilon members, may participate in the activities of any AΣN Alumni Club.

Federal Employment
In a letter dated April 13, 1973, the U.S. Civil Service Commission stated, "Membership in a national honor society meets one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in numerous professional and technical occupations in the Federal service. However, applicants must meet all of the requirements as described in the particular Federal Job Announcement covering the positions for which they apply." This affords a tangible acknowledgment of merit.

Internship Scholarships
Through partnerships with the Washington Internship Institute, The Fund for American Studies, and The Washington Center of Internships and academic Seminars, student members of each ACHS member society may qualify for scholarships. See links at for more information.

Reach for Excellence
Honor society membership, like most worthwhile things in life, does not come easily. Therefore, when an invitation to membership arrives, it truly is a matter of honor, reflecting exceptional academic achievement and perhaps outstanding campus leadership and service.

Recognize Your Outstanding Achievement
Though achievement is its own reward, earning your honor society key or pin demonstrates that you have accomplished something that makes you special and puts you at the top of your chosen field. Having an honor society listed on your resumé provides a tangible sign of your academic success.

Advance Your Professional Career
Whether you intend to go to graduate school or use your knowledge in industry or the professions, your college honor society key helps open doors. People in your field recognize your membership as a mark of excellence that identifies you as exceptional. An invitation to membership in an honor society is more than recognition of your success; it is an invitation to excellence. Reach for excellence.