The Alpha Sigma Nu pledge taken at induction signifies a lifelong commitment to the core values of Jesuit education.  Members are inducted into the honor society for their past accomplishments as much as their future potential.  As the only honor society permitted to bear the name Jesuit, Alpha Sigma Nu has a unique connection to the Jesuits and the great network of Jesuit works making a real difference around the world.  Alumni members are encouraged to be collaborators with the Jesuits long after graduation, continuing to learn, deepen their Ignatian spirituality, and become change agents for the world.

After graduation, Alpha Sigma Nu continues to be a resource for you in your lifelong pursuit of the AΣN tenets and the mission of Jesuit education.  The Society provides a network, over 90,000 strong, of like-minded members living around the world.

Alpha Sigma Nu Alumni Clubs provide programming to connect you to that network.  ​The purpose of AΣN Alumni Clubs is the encouragement of our members' lifelong commitment to the ΑΣΝ values of scholarship, loyalty and service. Clubs provide opportunities for expression of that commitment through participating in service projects, presenting speaker events, developing programs that connect faith with life, and providing a venue for career and social networking. Each Club determines its own activities and agenda to fit the needs of members in that region.

You are a member for life.  You have been honored for your future potential to be a change maker.  You have a special connection to the Jesuits through AΣN.