Washington D.C. ΑΣΝ Alumni Club

The Alpha Sigma Nu Alumni Club of Washington D.C. encourages our alumni's lifelong commitment to the ΑΣΝ values of scholarship, loyalty, and service and the ideals of Jesuit education and provides concrete opportunities to nurture that commitment:

Programs designed to foster excellence in the intellectual arena and growth in Ignatian spirituality
Opportunities to give to the community around us through service projects
Social contacts with other ΑΣΝ Alumni hailing from Jesuit universities across the country, a very diverse mixture of professionals striving to live the values of scholarship, loyalty, and service.

The Club has adopted the Washington Jesuit Academy, a NativityMiguel Network school as its service partner. 

President: Jack Landers. (Rockhurst '62)


For events, photos, and more information about the club, check out their facebook page.