About the Book Awards


Each winner receives a $1,000 check and a commemorative plaque, which is presented at an AΣN event on the recipient's campus. The winner’s name is on permanent display at the AΣN Central Office, and the books are included in the permanent collection of Marquette University's Raynor Memorial Library. The winners are announced via press release through multiple media outlets, as well as, on the AΣN website.


The Book Awards operate on a three-year cycle:

"The Humanities" - one award each for Theology, Philosophy/Ethics, Literature/Fine Arts, and History

"The Sciences" - one award each for Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science, and Health Sciences

"Professional Studies" - one award each for Business Administration, Communication, Education, and Law


2019 - "Professional Studies"

Download the AΣN Book Award Info Sheet here.