Haley Bulen

Haley Bulen ( Loyola Marymount '20)

Haley Bulen is a rising senior at Loyola Marymount University majoring in Film and Television Production and minoring in Screenwriting and Theatre Arts. Nominated for the Magis Medal by her professor/mentor, Haley has shown compassion and diligence and answers the call for social and racial justice. She engages with social media activism, sharing educational materials and spreading awareness. Haley puts her words into action by participating in donation drives, community clean ups, and other service programs.  She has a passion for using storytelling as a tool for education, empowerment, and striving for justice.   

As a filmmaker and screenwriter, she creates content that challenges the norm and celebrates diverse voices, including those of women, LGBTQ+, and the neurologically diverse.  She shares her skills and gifts by producing films telling the stories of her fellow students and their search for social justice.  Alongside several mentors and collaborators, she has written a children's television pilot titled "Camp Hero," which follows a transgender protagonist. She is also directing her senior thesis film this fall, "Fasting with Family," a story about a Jewish family learning to forgive one another during Yom Kippur. Her goal is to create, amplify, and support art that celebrates human connection and makes the world a more just, equitable, and empathetic place.