A Reflection on Gratitude

As we prepare for Thanksgiving this month, let us reflect on those things throughout our day for which we are grateful - from the simplest kindness to the joy of our life.  Read this reflection from IgnatianSpirituality.com to get your spirit in a state of gratitude.


An excerpt:

First we taste two cups of humility. True gratitude instantly puts me in a place of realizing I am dependent on another. Whatever I have just received—whether it was a cup of coffee, a borrowed pen, or the deepest desire of my heart—someone beyond myself has just positively impacted me and made my life better. A western cultural mentality promotes the thinking that we somehow deserve whatever we have received, especially if money was involved. There is even a prosperity theology out there that asserts wealth is a blessing God bestows on some and not others. Don’t fall for it. God’s blessing comes in the way of life and love and is freely given to all.