Alumni Voices | Stephanie Kekulawela, MD (U of San Francisco `02)

As I walked through the doors of St. Ignatius Church earlier this year, it was as if time had stood still.  The stained-glass windows, majestic statues, and grand architecture brought back fond memories of my college years at the University of San Francisco.  During my Senior year, I was excited to graduate as a Chemistry major and embark on my journey to become a physician.  I did not know where my path would lead me, but I knew that the values of scholarship, loyalty, and service would serve me well.

Fast forward a few years; I am a surgeon.  I had been following my intellectual curiosities in medicine, but all of a sudden, I found myself in the midst of a pandemic.  I could not escape from COVID-19 even as a private citizen.  Whether it be potential exposure to the coronavirus at work or the social isolation within my community, I had to face the reality that life has changed.  It was heartening, however, to see neighbors and even strangers rally to help healthcare workers in various ways.  Their thoughtfulness and compassion inspired me to partner with a non-profit organization and help create  It has been rewarding to provide a venue that allows individuals to share ideas, tools, and resources.  They have uplifted each others’ spirits and provided some relief to their communities during these uncertain times. 

Once social distancing is a memory of the past, I look forward to strolling down the aisles of St. Ignatius Church as I catch up with my fellow Alpha Sigma Nu alums.  One thing that is missing from our lives is a local ASN alumni club, so I look forward to banding together and creating one in the near future!