John Carroll University wins the ASN Challenge

Posted in: Alpha Sigma Nu

The ASN Challenge was a huge success, engaging and energizing chapter and alumni members from across our ASN chapters. Thank you to everyone who participated to make the week-long challenge a fun and competitive experience. We spread the word about Alpha Sigma Nu on our campuses and with our fellow Jesuit organizations. We increased the online conversation about ASN tenets, Jesuit education, and Ignatian teachings. We activated chapters and connected student and alumni members in online events. 

In the end, John Carroll University came out victorious, rallying the student and alumni members to earn points for their chapter, especially in the last days. Congratulations on the wonderful teamwork that got you to the top of the leaderboard!

We also congratulate the outstanding efforts of the Loyola Andalucia chapter and the Spring Hill chapter, who came in second and third.

Saturday, October 17th was Alpha Sigma Nu Day AND our first-ever ASN Giving Day.  We are so excited about the support you all showed our Jesuit honor society. We raised $11,400 and unlocked the ASN Board of Directors Match by surpassing 100 donors.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Alpha Sigma Nu Day!