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Make an Impact on ASN Student Members

With spring semesters cut short, our student members have experienced an abrupt and significant disruption to their lives. Our Chapter leaders have expressed to us their disappointment at missing out on their college experience, including the Alpha Sigma Nu events they had planned for this semester and the inductions they have worked on for weeks. For 17 of our chapters, induction ceremonies scheduled for this spring have been canceled or postponed. The Alpha Sigma Nu induction ceremony is a time of great pride and also of welcoming into the ASN network. This is when members learn about the Jesuit honor society, connect with their fellow members on campus, and hear from alumni members in their communities. Over half of our new inductees are seniors. Popular senior send-off events, designed to inform members of the ASN and Jesuit resources available post-graduation, are also canceled. 

You can help! 

With everyone in isolation, it can leave us wondering what we can DO to make a difference. This is one small thing our alumni can do. To make our newest members feel welcomed into the community of Alpha Sigma Nu, we are asking our alumni members to send a welcoming note or video message to the new inductees or the graduating seniors at your alma mater. We will share these messages with the students to give them an important sense of ASN community. Submit your messages by Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

Welcome New Inductees

Send your message or video welcoming new inductees FROM YOUR ALMA MATER. Be sure to include in your message the name of your school!

Chapters canceling induction: Boston College, Canisius, Fordham, Gonzaga, John Carroll, Le Moyne, Loyola Marymount, Loyola Maryland, Regis U, Rockhurst, Jesuit School of Theology, Seattle U, Sogang, Saint Peter's, USF, U of Scranton, Xavier, and Univeridad del Pacifico.

Encourage Graduating Members

Send your message or video encouraging our graduating student members at any school to continue living their ASN pledge and Jesuit values after graduation.  Be sure to include in your message the name of your alma mater!