Young Alumni Advisory Council Cohort Wrapping Up

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Young Alumni Advisory Council Cohort Wrapping Up

Serving on the Alpha Sigma Nu Young Alumni Advisory Committee (YAAC)  has been an incredible privilege on a personal and professional level. The YAAC is a phenomenally unique dynamic, and we could not be more proud of the committed team who has dedicated their time, effort, and talents to making Alpha Sigma Nu better. 
-Elena Perez Velasco (Loyola University Andalucia '19) and Jessica Olszyk (Saint Joseph's University '18)

Young alumni boards are common amongst organizations, however, the YAAC stands distinct in certain key elements. Few young alumni boards are afforded such an influential seat at the table with the ASN staff and Board of Directors willing to enact policies, initiatives, and ideas directly from young alumni members. 

As only the second cohort (affectionately named Beta Class) of the YAAC, we entered a specific paradigm. The inaugural class had proposed massive, detailed comprehensive proposals that centered around some of the most pressing and timely issues facing Alpha Sigma Nu: diversity, branding, programming, and alumni connections. During our tenure, the onus was on us to execute these proposals, put them into action and pragmatically adapt details.  

We are immensely proud of the work our cohort has produced amidst working full-time jobs, attending law school, and graduate school. We worked in tandem with the Central Office we have enacted new policies around interpretation of requirements to expand access to ASN for underrepresented groups while still maintaining our rigorous standards of excellence. 

·       We presented to the chapter leaders to empower them to enact change on their campuses. 

·       We deployed new discernment programming to the chapters called Discernment Day to support students as they think about their next chapters. 

·       We built new ways for alumni to network with the Alumni Voices initiative to spread the word about what our members lead once graduated. 

·       We initiated rebranding elements of communication for a fresh look. These are some of the many other initiatives in the works that we will pass down to our successors, Gamma Class.  

Join the next class of the YAAC! This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to further develop leadership skills, executional excellence, and problem-solving. Whether you are a young professional or applying to graduate programs, serving on the YAAC provides excellent skill sets that are not easily replicated outside of the undergraduate experience. Learn more about how to apply here