Induction Ceremony Ideas

Induction ceremonies look different at each Chapter, as the formality, location, and size vary.  Chapters include special elements that give their ceremony a unique feel and incorporate both their school's history and mission as well as Alpha Sigma Nu's prestige, history, and tenets. 

Virtual Induction Ideas

ASN General Induction

Seattle University Induction 2020

Use the new ASN Video at induction to convey the cross-institutional network of Alpha Sigma Nu!

Here are some ideas from the 32 Chapters:

Boston College

Induction Ceremony

Location: Ceremony was held in St. Ignatius Church, both beautiful and warm. Reception was in nearby Student Union and was warm and festive.

Details: The President of the University is present, hands out the certificates, and speaks. The Deans of each College present the students to the President. This makes a big impression. We have a speaker (a professor or dean) at the ceremony, too, and we include music in the ceremony.

College of the Holy Cross

Induction Ceremony

Location: Ceremony is held in a special library setting with comfortable chairs and a pleasant ambiance. This is followed by a reception in a nearby location.

Details: The Induction Ceremony is part of Family Weekend in October and held at 2:00pm on Sunday when many family members and relatives can be in attendance. Special guests: the President of the College, the Academic Vice-President, and the Class Dean.  Each student officer has their own role and responsibility during the ceremony, which were laid out beforehand in a planning meeting. The whole ceremony lasts one hour. A photographer is on hand for the event.

Approximate planning time: 10-15 hours for the AΣN officers and Chapter Coordinator

Critical advice: Our students and their family appreciate a very well organized event.  We have to plan well in advance to reserve the rooms, assign responsibilities, etc. 

Fairfield University

Induction Ceremony

Location: Kelley Theatre in the Quick Center

Details: The students are asked to dress in an appropriate business style. Families and friends are present. The ceremony is carried out as outlined in the AΣN Ritual of Induction.  The Teacher of the Year, chosen by the AΣN students, gives a talk. There is a reception for the students and friends afterwards.  Appropriate pictures are taken of the group and of each individual receiving their certificate from the president of the University.

Critical advice:  After the ceremony each year, a good part of the next meeting is devoted to scrutinizing the ceremony and gathering ideas as to how it can be improved.

Fordham University

Induction Ceremony

Location: Ballroom of Student Center

Approximate planning time: We begin planning months before (actually the day after the ceremony from the previous year!)

Purpose of program: To involve all members of the Fordham community

Critical advice:  Connect with the Deans and the President’s office.  The Deans’ presence connects their academic work to their induction for the students.  The university president's enthusiastic presence enhances the meaning of induction for the students.

Le Moyne College

Induction Ceremony

Location: Our induction ceremony is held in the Chapel. There will be an optional Mass before the induction followed by the ceremony. Afterwards, there will be a reception in the school’s cafeteria.

Goal of program: Our mission as AΣN officers is to provide a welcoming and inspiring ceremony that will help direct the new members into creating a better awareness of AΣN. Our hope is for the new members to live by the Jesuit ideals, spreading to others the significance of academics and service to the community.

Details: Student officers work to choose the speaker for the ceremony, looking for an AΣN alumnus/a from Le Moyne who has been influenced by the values that AΣN has given him/her. We hope that their story will help provide an example for what Alpha Sigma Nu can do for them.

Loyola University Chicago

Induction Ceremony

Location:  Madonna della Strada (Lakeshore Campus, Chicago)

Details:  The Induction Ceremony starts with a greeting from the Chapter President who introduces the honorary inductees and the keynote speaker, who is often an honorary inductee. Other officers will talk about the three tenets, scholarship, loyalty and service.  New inductees receive their medallion and certificate from the university president. At the reception afterward we have round tables for people to sit and visit. To avoid long food lines, we order hor d'oeuvres (finger food!). A piano player plays in the background to give a formal feel to the reception.  There is a professional photographer there to take photos of new inductees.

Responsibilities for officers: Planning the induction ceremony and reception with Chapter Adviser. Selecting the Fr. Ferguson Award recipient from new inductees (done 4 weeks before the induction). Chapter President contacts photographer and piano player to book them for the event. 

Critical advice: Hold information session 2 weeks before the ceremony to give the inductees an opportunity to ask questions about the event and to give them an idea of what to expect.  All officers should practice their part for the Ceremony. We decided to meet in the church an hour before the ceremony to practice speaking into the microphone.