Induction Timeline and Checklist

This is a general timeline for induction, given the varying dates of inductions across the 32 Chapters.  Use this as a rough guideline and checklist for induction planning.

 You can also download a PDF of the Induction Timeline and Checklist here.

6 Months In Advance or Beginning of Academic Year:     

  • Request list of academically eligible students from registrar —juniors, seniors, and graduate students
  • Chapter Officers and Chapter Adviser meet to discuss the year’s induction and year-long calendar of events
  • Confirm induction date and location with university president and AΣN Central Office.  Make room reservations and notify deans, professors and area AΣN alumni.
  • Mail applications to eligible students, inviting them to apply and indicating deadline
  • Discuss and select honorary AΣN membership nominees. 

5 Months In Advance:      

  • Collect and review applications with selection committee (may require 3-4 meetings)
  • Select honorary inductees (limit of 5). Complete bio and registration form for each
  • Chapter Adviser approves list and submits for approval to university president

4 Months In Advance:      

  • Mail acceptance or regret letters to applicants, requesting fees and jewelry preference for new inductees

3 Months In Advance:       

  • Deadline for all induction fees to be collected
  • Confirm induction ceremony details; confirm featured speaker, programs, etc.
  • Request check for AΣN Central Office to accompany induction order

2 Months In Advance:      

  • Complete electronic spreadsheet of new inductee information for Central Office – this includes permanent addresses of inductees, emails, etc.
  • Gather signatures of Chapter Adviser and University President if they are to be pre-printed on certificates

**6 Weeks In Advance:**    

  • Submit electronic New Member Registration spreadsheet, signed Induction Order Form and Honorary Member Forms via email. If the order is not received by AΣN Central Office six weeks prior to induction, they cannot guarantee that your induction pins and certificates will arrive on time!

1 Month In Advance:       

  • Finalize RSVPs for the induction ceremony
  • Last minute detail planning for your ceremony
  • Send out invitations to deans, alumni, other special guests
  • Mail confirming information about ceremony to inductees 
  • Print programs for ceremony
  • Receive ―Welcome brochures and AΣN pledge cards from Central Office for distribution to new inductees
  • Request AΣN program covers from Central Office if needed

1-2 Weeks In Advance:       

  • Receive induction pins, certificates and medallions (if purchased) from Central Office
  • Confirm guest speaker and final plans for ceremony
  • Confirm that Central Office has received payment for induction orders

1-2 Weeks After Induction:      

  • Conduct first meeting of new members. Select officers for upcoming year
  • Complete reports for Central Office
  • Set date for next year’s induction!